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Here is my submission for the current picture of the Bird and the Snow

Copyright image taken by  Poetree Creations

All for Her

“It was all for her” the swallow said
As it swelled its breast with pride
Watching the man with black umbrella
Walk from side to side

“It was all for her” The man softly spoke
As he considered all he had
And kept his feet to shuffle between
The snows pile up ahead.

“It was all for her” The snow declared
As it whittled down its stock
Becoming just another pile
Of water among the rocks
“It was all for her” the rocks declared
As they mark the borders by
And so the sun may glisten upon
Their bumped backs, soft and dry

“It was all for me” the sun affirmed
As she raised her gentle head
And watched the people praise her warmth
Wishing for Summers heat  instead.


I am Philisapher

Here is my submission for the current picture of the Bird and the Snow

…and if this
       little bird
                               could share of what it’s
                                               mind conceives, would I even
                                               understand how simple life
                                                can be …
thanks for the opportunity.   Lita
   EstreLita Pondoc
How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.
~ Wayne Dyer
I’ve composed a poem for your contest with the chickadee in the snow picture.  

And then there was one…And so, here I am, upon the winter of my joie de vivre,
where once were perched two friendly birds; now rests thus only one.
A wooden cage erected hence, that I can never leave,
the snow the only thing that will remember when I’m done.
I cannot see the outside world as I once knew I could –
I gaze through disconnected visage, staring at the cold.
The bitter chill assaults me, and I’m left from what is good;
My breath hangs in the air, and with each second, I grow old.
The greens are grey around me; all the flowers?  Gone to sleep.
A broken tree breaks through the white of everpresent ice;
all around the wooden husk, the ivy starts to creep
and strangle out its life and each last wisely sage advice.
The earth’s adorned in frosted dew just as a christening gown.
There’s empty footprints in the snow aside my freezing feet,
At last I feel the slumber, and I lay my body down,
at the winter of my life, so maybe now, I’ll feel complete.
Brad Bricktower

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life and love


i way
We all need God to guide us on our life’s way,
And he needs us to speak for him today,
For the voice of God is very seldom heard,
Many, many people are never confronted with his word.
Those who have met and come to know the lord,
Have it as their duty to propagate his word,
Helping others to know Jesus as a friend,
Someone who will support them to the very end.
What is this friendship that we have come to feel,
What is the word of God we have been asked to reveal,
It has been described as the most precious thing that earth afford,
The reason for this being the promise it records.
The gospel message is one which is filled with hope,
To give us all the strength that we need to cope,
With the many problems which beset us on lifes way,
And prepares us to meet our maker when it comes to judgement day.
To those who do not believe this is hard to understand,
It is possible that it will interfere with the life that they have planned,
In itself this is a barrier which will make them resist,
This reluctance on their part is why we must persist.
At the same time we must not only spread the word,
But reveal to others the changes which in our life have occurred,
To show that our new life in Christ gives us satisfaction,
And praying at the same time it will get a good reaction.
When we look around us at the world today,
We should recognise there is a need for the Church to have its say,
The purpose of the Church must be to convince, not to condone,
To help others to accept the life of Jesus as their own.
If this could only be what a change would take place,
As the faith in Christ was spread throughout the human race,
It would give us pleasure to see more people guided on lifes way,
And we would find satisfaction in speaking for him today.
Ron Martin

OVERHEAD- Promote Yourself


 the light bulbs expire,

Their guts bursting,

And in death their ghosts yield a softer view of life,

Harsh shadows melt away.

Reality fades into the background

and the room’s boundaries sink into infinity.

Another bursts in incandescent death.

Familiar objects take on new shapes

as possessions melt from sight.

A book left open,

the words blur into feelings.

Something calls from the darkness

waiting to be released as the last flame fades.

Walt Trizna


life and love

I could not live without love,
It’s my strength and my guide,
It’s knowing someone cares for you,
That they will always be at your side,

Love comes in many forms,
Love for family and friends,
Love for your partner,
A love that should never end.

The love for a new-born baby,
So gentle and so mild,
It was love that created,
That sweet and beautiful child.

Love for your fellow man,
Is felt when they are in pain,
Affected by their down fall,
Bring light in to their life again.

Love for life itself,
Be grateful for what you are,
Illuminate the light within,
Like the brilliance of a star.

Love lifts the spirit,
Love lifts the soul,
Give love to everyone,
That really should be our goal.

Malcolm G Bradshaw

There Comes A Day…-promote yourself


Growing wings- Promote Yourself


Will you give me shelter

and comfort me in cold 
heartless winters?
Build a nest of loving words
feathered with acceptance
shielded with the grace I need
to give me wings
Will you do that?
And when I’m strong 
will you have strength
to let me fly away – alone?

Refinished – Promote Yourself

Wild Orchid – Promote Yourself

“The flower that walks”, the Indian; said, 
And walking spreads its crown-like roots 
Through forest glades and upland dales. 
Moccasin flower or Lady’s Slipper,
It matters not the name
Or if it be fair white or rose or tiny yellow kind
Tis ever rare and wondrous there 
This woodland beauty Bequeathed us from another age. 
A Heritage to guard with 
And cherish for posterity
That other eyes in future years
Mav see this Orchid walk the trails
As did our native Indian braves
And shy eyed maidens of the tribe.

Nights eye – Promote Yourself


“My Vision – Promote Yourself

A Sense of Winter – Promote Yourself


Our dog Pringle

I am Not Spock – Promote Yourself

I am not Spock
But I was,
Between 11 and 12.
I was a Vulcan
Ruled by Logic
Disdainful of the soft, mere humans
Who surrounded me.
Who had invaded my planet
Polluting my atmosphere with emotions,
With indomitable desires,
With their fear and their envy
And their illogical conclusions.
Igor Goldkind

“Be Gentle” – Promote Yourself

  • gent

RESTORATIONS – Promote Yourself


The ground trembled and moaned

like some mighty giant stirring from sleep,

like some force gone unnoticed wanting to be known,

And Naples crumbled,

And men died, and women died,

and children would never grow old.

Even dead Pompeii died, died even more that day.

And the earth was changed, and people were changed.

Workmen hurried to rebuild Pompeii

working hard to restore its timeless death.

And people groped in rain filled darkness

trying hard to rebuild shattered life.

And small towns, villages rival Pompeii in their death,

And death is more easily restored than life.

Walt Trizna

Here is a poem I wrote after an Italian earthquake some time ago.

Scorching Hot


By midday the sun’s scorching might
Penetrates the hapless
Tiniest worth of life in sight
Sustaining nonetheless

A desire for the shaded
Those hydrated places
Where of a thirst you can be rid
Noon time treasured spaces

Under the shaded umbrella
Of the side walk seller
The ices are from that fella
Just right for the weather

Mini skirts and strapless dresses
And bared and sandaled legs
Test of sunny paradoxes
Present day traits which begs

Of whimsy and discerning ease
A daring compromise
Hot colorist browning the leaves
Till they fall in demise

To a comforting ready earth
Willing to nourish life
Under a discerning sun’s worth
Of torrid heated strife

Hot hot hot penetrating rays
Slice season and cycle
The shadow and fraction of days
Measured in mere degrees
Gillena Cox

Broken bred – Promote Yourself


“Looking for a rose” – Promote Yourself

rose rose

Life’s will – The Writing Challenge


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