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Fish And Chips


Walking down the Hastings promenade

I stand and watch the fishing trawler net cascade

Seagulls following right behind

Swooping, diving, seeing what they can find

Holiday makers eating chips

Seagulls watch with an eagle eye

Looking at their fish and chips

Or any odd food bits

They will dive, and swoop,

Take a sandwich from your hand

Politeness they do not understand

They will come from miles

To pinch your chips

Happily on your head they will sit

If you come to Hastings or St Leonard on sea

Don’t forget seagulls love fish and chips

Just like you and me

Thomas Sims

A candles flame, – Promote Yourself




A candles flame,

Dances in dark,

Casting shadows upon a wall,

That seem to tell a story,

From end to start.


I lit this candle for you

And whispered a prayer.

By the candle’s glow,

Prayed for your soul.

Just like you’d want me to,

Just as…

For others’

I’d seen you do.


But I’m not you

And I must now reject,

Most of the things,

You taught me to do,

When your thinking,

had gone askew.


I’ll keep the best from you

And leave the rest to die,

Along with you.


I couldn’t bear to look at you,

Laid out,

With the painful smile,

They imposed on you.

I didn’t cry,

You wouldn’t want me to.


You weren’t there,

Just a shell,

But your spirit,

hovered over my head.


I thought it strange,

That then and there,

I showed no emotion.

One dead fish,

Floating upon a vast sea,

Still a part,

Of a mysterious,

Deep ocean.


I choose to remember the best,

Like how you taught me,

To tie a tie,

Or tie my shoes.

How we walked,

Hand in hand…

Or the first time I heard you weep.


On an island all alone,

trapped in a castle’s keep,

Your fear became my own,

By proximity,




What inheritance?

What dna?

What genetic signature?


To display?


Your pseudo strength,

and machismo,

behind a mask of fears.

I absorbed them well,

but there was something more,

something you knew deep inside,

but you rarely showed

and I barely saw.


You always said,

Something changed,

The day I was born.

Held me to a higher standard,

Set your hopes on me.

Placed me on a pedestal,

Of which I’d not felt worthy.


The burden was too great for me,

content to be happily,


tried my best,

to stay out of sight,

below the radar,

of God’s shimmering Light.

The damned,

only come out at night.


As a child
you became blind in both eyes,

And a miracle surgery,

Before it’s time…

Restored your sight.


Raised in an orphanage when your father died,

In a hurricane threw his body over your’s to shield you,

And lost his own life, to save you.

You grew bitter and resentful,

Jekly and Hyde,

I saw both sides,

We all did.


Sometimes the Jekyl,

seemed well worth the Hyde.

You were extremely hard on me,

On all of us,

Sometimes seemed,



But I learned in time,

Where true Mercy rests’,

Learned through trials,

Learned through tests,

That God always knows best.

And things are never as they seem,

In the reality,

Of the Living Realm unseen.


It was,

What it was,

I’m freed to Love,

By Love,

Freed to forgive.


Solely because,

Of what Jesus did on the Cross.


Healing the rift,

Bemoan the past?

Or freely accept,

A most freely given,

Precious Gift!


I choose Jesus,

I choose Life.



In the end,

You embraced the Lord,

Took some time for me

to be of the same accord,

Christ embracing you,

In Our Father’s arms,

My Father,

Is now my brother,

In Christ.


The candle flickers,

Blinks out,

A fragrant,

wisp of smoke gently rises.



Rest in Peace Father/brother


 anthony gomez

God Bless.

“To Dream Away the Hours” -Promote Yourself



Into the west

golden ship
When will this toil end?
Must I remain affixed to this mortal coil by silver thread?
I long to climb aboard a golden ship and sail
Into the western sky 
Over the rainbow where years of dread
No longer hold power to bow my head
I’ll sail away in my ship of gold
Where sadness is nothing but a story once told
Descend once there into fields of green
Laced round and round by lively streams
Land there to till, and good work to do
A pub there is too for a fire and brew
No more deadlines to meet or diesel to breathe
No cold winter chill to bite through my sleeves
Just sun, and rain, and the scent of the sea,
Good friends to hold dear whom I’ve long wished to see
Beyond the horizon I so long to go
Over the rainbow, far past the snow
I long to leave these dark-lit shores
And sail the western sky

Sent from my iPhone

Race horse Called FRED


but I liked an old nag called Fred, 
he looked sort of eager and flighty,
as the bookmakers odds span around in my head,
and sweet Aphrodite went into the red,
and I wished that I was back home in my bed,
not here with these blokes rich and skitey.

“A hundred to one” said the fellow,
I decided to give it a go,
“Fifty dollars on Fred” was my bellow,
And all of the guys who were well in the know,
Sniggered and said I was doin’ my dough,
“Fred couldn’t outrun a three-legged crow,
On his back is a streak – and it’s yellow!”

And then all the horses flew past,
There was only two furlongs to go,
I stood there watching, aghast!
Fred was the leader, but starting to slow,
Five thousand dollars was there on the go,
And then it was over, and what do you know?
Fred came in motherless last.

My world turned from silver to black,
Aphrodite had killed them, of course,
My money would never come back,
And I slowly drove home from that devilish course,
full of repentance and full of remorse,
And the next time I put all my dough on a horse,
It won’t be a useless old hack!

Unknown Author

This is Nottingham


Nottingham is a lovely place, so much to see and do,

a castle, caves, the river, we’ve got a windmill too!

Two football teams, ice skating rink, a tennis centre place,

rugby, bowling, health clubs, whatever you can face. 

Our medical care is first class, we’ve got the Q.M.C.

They really do look after us, they are there for you and me.

The University grounds are beautiful when the rhodo’s are on show,

on a sunny afternoon it is the place to go.

If you want to see how criminals were treated in days gone by,

you could go to the Shirehall Galleries, if you DARE give it a try!

If you are a night owl there are many clubs for you,

to stay until it’s quite late, or dance the whole night through.

We also have some friendly pubs, if you want a quiet drink,

or you can go and have a lunchtime snack, if your cooker’s on the blink.

Our restaurants are wonderful whatever you like to eat,

the choice is quite a amazing it’s simply hard to beat.

You can even go to the theatre, plays, concerts, whatever you want to see,

there are also lots of cinemas if you fancy a movie.

From the Nottingham Midland train station you can go anywhere at all

but you really should just stay right here, you will really have a ball!

JUNE FISHER Sutton-in-Ashfield

My Demons – Promote Yourself


Would I Give Advice to the Me of Ten Years Ago? – Promote Yourself

Neon Light

neon lights xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
The cigarette smoke hangs heavy in the air.
Looks good in films
But in real life,
In this place it clings to you
Like a broken dream.

The neon beer light covers many sins
And many more failed lives.
In the corner sits a man,
Pondering if tonight
Will be his last.
Time for one more drink.

He won’t be the last to sit under this neon light.
Looking at his reflection
Reliving life’s mistakes
On histories screen
That hangs behind the bar.

Time for that final drink,
You need to move on.
Here this one is on the house,
Time to say goodbye.
I see another face ready to sit
Under this neon light.

Gabriel Denver



I live on the streets that’s me

No home to call my own

I play hide and seek

That make’s my life bleak

No warm clothes to wear

And no-one to share

Life is so cheap

I steal food to eat

I live on the street

With nothing to eat

I see people spending money

But I have none

I cannot buy presents

Santa won’t be visiting me

My family pass by

But they do not see

The misery

I endure

They are so happy

I am so sad

I live on the street

With nothing to eat.

Thomas Sims

A Rose


Thoughts rush through my mind
As I stare intently at the rose
Such quiet beauty contained
With thorns waiting so close.

Clipping the bud to hold it
Careful of the delicate shape
Knowing that once picked
It’s life begins to escape.

Slowly I peel back petals
Their scent fills my nose
Laying them out flat to dry
A smile starts and grows.

I place an array of color
Arranged on your pillow
Hopeful when I find you
My love will also show.

Charles Townsend 

But I love you so

shadow in the woods

I gently wipe

The tears from my eyes

Remembering the love

You denied

Like a winter breeze

Embracing the trees

You disappeared

Faded into the breeze

Through the forest

Through the trees

To follow a rainbow

Maybe, or

To greet your new love

But I still

love you so

We built our friendship

We built our love

On rocks

I thought

A deep foundation

When all along

You had a new love

You left me

All alone

But I still

Love you so

Gillian sims

” Slowly: Come Find Me…I’m Tired”:- Promote Yourself


Waking up to a dream

within inward expressions

beaming from green firelight

of a night before…

the soft contours of skin

craving yielded desires.

Through imperfect fatigue

we found rhythms surrounded

by a wash of stars…

mingling surprised tenderness

with fingertips exploring

the fiery galaxy inside you.

Braced, staged, and pressed

against a chattering headboard…

cinched ecstasy and bodies

that remember sinewy luxuries

of acquiesced prodding…

hips colliding tuned to love’s

angelic yellow hymn…

The choir octaves

of an undrawn voice…

Euphoria split visibility

below seas of sighed

breaths that hungered with

with heaving passion

augmenting the way

your blonde hair draped

across your shoulders.

Lonely nights whisper your name

on the edge of expanding wings.

In-spire – Promote Yourself



The ancient church spire

Absorbs the sorry scene

It sees the approaching fire

And yet it stands serene


Not keen to yield to natures call

As mighty flames lick, forge on

It will stand majestic and tall

Until the last hope is gone


The spire knows, is assured

That if it’s frame is set ablaze

There will be a spire no more

A short farewell, its final phase


Where church and spire once stood

Embers of faith glow in the rubble

Faith is questioned, misunderstood

But people want to help in times of trouble


The spire saw faith move mountains

It knew faith could rebuild, nurture, thrive

If you look to the example of the spire

See past now, that you can revive, survive


Be sure that faith lingers at a heart’s gate

Stand tall, serene, witness, breathe

You can withstand the whims of fate

You are not scattered ashes and you believe.



Joanne started writing professionally in March 2014.

Her books are available on Amazon, some of her children’s stories can be found on and a selection of her recent short stories are downloadable from

A number of her poems have been accepted for publication in anthologies.

Her poem, His Prey, was shortlisted in the Creative Writing Ink competition in August and September 2014 and in October 2014 her haiku was featured in Chrysanthemum in English and German.

Her blog on writing and life with O.C.D. and P.T.S.D. is updated regularly –

Fish Food I&II-promote yourself


One day a man went to the seashore,
a measuring rod and a notepad in hand

Walked into the surf
took a measure from his knees to the sand
noted it on his pad

A week later the man returned
and measured from his waist to the sand
duly noted
on his pad

Another week later the man returned
took a measure from his neck
to the sand
noted on his pad

It was quite some time
before anyone noticed
the man no longer took measures
and was not seen nor heard from again

Washed ashore was found
a ruler
and a soggy note pad
that read:

“my calculations must have been off
and now i fear
i’ve gotten in…
way over my head”


Should’ve at least learned

How to first tread water

Before attempting to swim.


Fish Food II

shark and diver 

Lord teach us to be
kinder and gentler
Lord help us to see
beyond self unselfishly
Lord teach us to stand
and be able to lift someone by the hand
Lord we love what you’re doing in us
You’ve taught us
that nothing worth having comes pain-free
Lord it helps to appreciate You more
growing through Blessed trials
Divine Grace and Mercy
Lord we love how you give so freely
but know exactly how
to leave us a little thirsty
We love you Lord
teach us how
to love you more
though it’s very clear to see
try as hard as we might
You’ll always love us more
We give thanks and Praise to You O’ Lord
Your name above all names
We are grateful Lord
this road we’re on
started long ago
but everyday
it feels fresh and new
like it’s only just begun

One step…



hold your ground
“be still…”
wait for the sound

next step
might put us over our heads
but you’ve taught us how
to tread water
and never drown

anthony gomez

“A Beautiful Mess” – Promote Yourself



Exit -Promote yourself


Pure trickery – Promote Yourself




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