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NOT A CLUE – Promote Yourself


Dumped in a heap and lost all its gumption

Frail and disturbed without nothing to munch on

Climbed round the bend which discovered a truncheon

Tried to use it on begs for something to lunch on

Greeted not well so nose got a punch on

Escaped on a train what needed a jump on

Travelled a way away till the sky was a-shrunken

Found whiskey sour which got quite well drunken

Dreamed big creatures grey with long curly trunks on

Followed the noise what found sandy carpet to bunk on

Waves soothed the ears and gave it a nudge home

Sailed peaceful tunes and forgot all the functions


Carly Short
Here is a nonsensical poem I wrote called ‘Not a clue’


Stonehenge – Promote Yourself


Not the same
As Magna Carta
I thought it would be.

I took my time

The cold grey sky
Took a photo

And then
Against the grey sky
It stood out

A marvel
Of what humankind
In marvelling awe
Of  what nature
Can do.

Cheryl Bhagwandin

If I had a doll house


Lovely poem

Originally posted on Two on a Rant:


My daughter’s home 2014

If I had a doll house

it might look like this,

with trees all around it

and mountains in mist.

I’d open the top up

to place deep inside

2 dogs and a kitty

a man and his bride.

The only thing missing

a girl and a boy,

I’d place in their bedrooms,

then throw in some joy.

But I needn’t worry

for this house is built

wrapped up in their love

like a comforting quilt.

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Snowballs of Love


Love this!

Originally posted on Words Speak, I Write:


Snowballs of love
Sailing through skies
Pulling me near once a while
Scatter, combine and then just split.

Every once a while
I see some scenic prints
By the artist above that knows
Luring me in conundrums of bliss.


Illegitimate liaisons we share
Say the people who see my chase
When there is nothing remarkable in sight
I see it still, for lies awakened , forlorn lover in me.

Running behind, I capture
The white essence spilled on the blues
I fail to understand the malleability in store
For in a second, a new story unfolds.


I love the evenings, when they mix around
With the sun, that so dearly, they often hide
Hints of hues, peek through, and I smile
Sunsets, were never, just so breathtaking.

Some days, they show me, their dangerous side
Blackened, in anger, they engulf the whites,
Mixing with sparks of light, they spread all…

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~ HELPING HANDS ~ Promote Yourself

   With helping hands is what we offer, we give to you an no other, we hope and trust we will share, we give to you with gentle care.                                                  –      With these words we give to you, we humble our selves to those few.                  We move forward in life we take, hope and dreams with no mistake.                        Now our lifes is complete, don’t you think that’s so neat.                                              Helping hands is what we had, don’t you think that’s so sad.                                        [ Patricia bourne 2014 wordpress ] 

STILL – Promote Yourself


bestir not you leaves
let not the carved teeth of wind
grind your wiry spines

watch out you seas
her mighty breath will slice
your frothing waves asunder

for she crouches, unmoving
patiently, she waits
in the haze of clouds

cradled in the bosom of darkness
while all is still and deathly silent
she gathers her forces

a fierce and mighty army
soon to roar through the hills and mountains
mounted on swift, white steeds

armed with vicious lances
to slay everything in its path
and she will not rest

until all genuflects
before the throne
of the hurricane

© Shery Alexander Heinis

My name is Shery Alexander Heinis

 I’ve decided to take advantage of the wonderful opportunity to share my work with a wider audience.  I live in Canada, but I’m originally from the island of St. Lucia in the Caribbean.

Expectation Woes: – Promote Yourself


Being a  human, We get attracted to  or close to some or other human,

As we get close to someone, we start loving that human,

As we start loving that human , a relation between us is built up,

Some relations are created by the Divine God like a Mother

Child, Father-child, brother-sister,

Some relations are made by us like friends and love,

When a relation exists, expectation emerges,

Expectation emerges, hope of fulfillment arises,

Unfulfillment of expectation leaves us offended,

Disappointment arises and frustration sets in,

As frustration sets in, it gives way to negative thoughts,

Negative thoughts ruin our life and relationship with that human,

Not only relation gets affected, we end up hurting ourselves.

Expectation is a disease, which cannot be cured

And the only medicine is

Stop Expecting and start Accepting

The person who never expects is always happy,

The person who always expects , ends up hurting himself,

But the expectation arises automatically with our near and dear ones ,

So do keep expectations with some limitations

Limit your expectations and see the change,

We will not be completely happy but will be less dishearten.

Remember one thing, We humans are not the same,

So your expectations could be others assumptions .

So Expect less and accept more.

Stop hurting yourself by expecting from others,

And stop fulfilling others expectation who never lived up to your expectation.

Like I always said ,


“We have keys to the locked doors of our 
Stop counting on others for your happiness.
Never expect anything from another person,
In the end it will be you who will be hurt, not the opposite person!
A key to the happiness lies within ourselves,
So expect only from ourselves.
Though we may fail at times but at least

We won’t blame others for our unhappiness.” 
Happiness arrives from what we do ,
It arrives from good deeds done by you 
Always live in the present, forget the past,
Learn the art to forgive, for happiness lies in it  
Be happy and let others be happy  

Old Boxes – Promote Yourself

The lid was crushed
just like the box
that had held my dolly
that Christmas.
The one
you know
Rudolph stepped on.
The lid was crushed
but everything inside
was still safe.
Even some parts of
some long ago me
the lid was crushed.

Open my world – Promote Yourself


Early morning sunshine creeps up to greet.

Falls across the pillow, ready to defeat.

Open my world to reality

Show me what took forever to get.

It was destiny, before we even met.


Eyes gaze at a sleeping love.

Wings, protecting what is his, like a dove.

Open my world to our children.

So it was decided before time,

That Batman should be mine 

  -Ansie Ehrke



I am a mother of two beautiful kids, a wife to a amazing husband and a passionate writer. Writing has been my passion since I learnt how to put a pen to a piece of paper! I am from a small town in South Africa. I would love to become a freelance writer and am working my fingers to the bone on my blog to get people to notice my work. One day I would like to have a book with my name on the front page, gazing out at me from a bookstore window!

In The Beginning



 When God Looked upon the earth

He pondered on what he should do

Should He create a world of beauty?

For the likes of me and you.


First of all he created the skies and seas

Followed by the fertile lands

He filled it with creatures of every kind

All created by God’s own hands


He looked upon the work he had done

He was pleased with what He saw

But there was something missing

He was impressed to create some more


I know what to do he said

Before my work is done

I will create the moon at night

For the day I will create the sun


Still He was not happy,

For He had a troubled mind

It was then he had a brilliant idea

I shall create mankind


Mankind was created on the earth

With freedom and free will

To look after God’s creation

For a time all was still


Mankind became greedy

By ignoring God’s perfect plan

For mankind lost its way

By abusing his fellow man


God thought long and hard

And wondered what he had done

He decided not to correct it

That’s how the world begun


Malcolm G Bradshaw

MAGNA CARTA – Promote Yourself



When I saw Magna Carta

When I saw
Magna Carta
Hairs stood up
On the back of my neck


In bold
In capitals
The start of
What I take for
Or nearly take
For Granted

Changed mind
Changed view
Changed history

I gasped
And couldn’t find
Find how to grasp
To explain
The whole thing
The huge
Wide enormous
Overwhelming enormity

Of what amazing

in silence
And respect
Of that

Cheryl Bhagwandin

STAY CLOSE – Promote Yourself


The silence was engulfing, as the people rushed to euphoria-

The blindfold came off, and she saw the fire she was in.

But the sudden realisation as tears streamed down her rosé cheeks

Was one so clear even though her vision was dim

Her mind opened up in that hour of desperation-

She clung to the sheets on the side of the bed

Because the people had left, but she was still under the influence.

A hazy monster inside her head

And in that hour of need when she felt shaken

Suddenly a presence so close she stopped.

In that hour of need it was so blatant

A God existed, he had not forgot

He had not abandoned her even though she had Him

In fact He was there when she was in pain

And in that hour of need it was clear for her to see

What it means that He is closer to you than your jugular vein

By Aisha Khurshid A.

Hello my name’s Aisha, I’m from Kent, England. I am a student of law, but writing has always been my ultimate passion. I have always been hesitant sharing my writing with others, but this summer decided to make a blog and just go with the flow. Life’s all about experiences and sharing stories with one another right? 

Quintessence – Promote Yourself

Image courtesy: SurrealAberrant

Love is not so simple
Love makes you do crazy stuff
My love for you baby
Your love for me is different

To squeeze you and keep you in my pocket
To chuck life and fix you in my locket
Or to make you a diamond on my ring
Or simply my priceless teddy, prince

Your love is the sweetest type
Mine is the violent, right?
Of the sort of emotions you stir in me
You keep me in a whirlwind fix

With the sweetest romance
It turns into the dangerous road, slip, kill
My hatred seeping in you
Making your life a living mold

Those seemingly innocuous words of yours
Make me cringe and think of all messy floor
The ancient past and what not
Of being no love then, sheer stupidity

And then you sway me the other side
Of being away from you, I cry
Scared of taking you along with me
I hit my own abyss and dry

All in an hour the emotions fleeting
You move from edge of the frame to the centerpiece
But why does it still feel wrong
Even though I was left out on my own

And then you cast your usual jizzy-jazzy magic
In a quick entail, I forget all the shame
Seen through my fudgy prism
You become my quintessence

~Alka Ranjan (India)

Expecting – Promote Yourself


I found a note scribbled
on the back of a receipt
this morning, dancing
in the breeze amongst
leftover litter you likely
didn’t mean to
leave behind.

I feel inclined to tell you
that the condoms you bought
break easily. But it’s probably
too late to heed
my warning.

If I were a spiteful
person, I would place it
in the trash, like I did with
the other evidence of your
drunken escapade.

But Kate 555-4809
Tonight was amazing,
Can’t wait to see you again!
is surely expecting
a call.

Tempest Rose is an American who has a story to tell, knowledge to share, and opinions to be voiced. She feels like she doesn’t belong and she wants to make a difference. She is dedicated to spreading truth, awakening minds, and changing the world. She recently started her journey in mental health treatment, and also writes about an array of topics such as gender, addiction, abortion, and pretty much anything that’s controversial. She can be funny, too . . . sometimes. To read more of her work, visit her personal blog, Nonsense & Shenanigans, or Bipolar Parenting Foundation, where she is a contributor.

20 Years Apart – Promote Yourself


A collaboration
Of two men,
Joined by name,
Divided by 20 years;
The older
Regarding the younger,
Not recognising
The man he was;
The man he became;
Still hoping
For the man he is
Yet to be;
Lord, have mercy.


You Don’t Expect




You don’t expect to out live a child

To experience a loss that breaks your heart

All the love and protection shown

When your world has fallen apart


The ache within is unbearable

Feeling you have no way to turn

It’s an ache that will not go away

For deep within your soul will burn


Why couldn’t it have been me

A question that’s always on your mind

The helplessness that you experience

Will ease one day you will find


You will blame yourself for everything

For thinking you could have done more

You will feel the need shut yourself away

By closing the emotional door


In time the hurt will ease away

All the happy memories will return

Knowing that you did your best

As you shown great concern


If you believe in your God

Then you will know your child will be safe

For they will be loved and cherished

In a spiritual and loving place



Malcolm G  Bradshaw


In the early morning the vineyard owner went to the market place
To hire labourers to work in his vineyard for the day,
As many as were there found employment,
And they agreed that a penny would be a fair rate of pay.
On several occasions throughout the day he returned to the market,
And found people who had no work to do,
All of these were sent to work in the vineyard,
With the promise that they would be paid what was due.
The vineyard owner paid another visit to the market,
This time only one hour before the end of the working day,
Again he found some men who were still unemployed,
He sent them to his vineyard to let them earn some pay.
At the end of the day the vineyard owner paid the wages,
Everyone who worked for him received the same pay,
Those who had laboured for only one hour,
Received the same as those who had laboured throughout the day.
Now this might not seem to be very fair,
But those who had worked all day received the amount agreed,
The vineyard owner had honoured his agreement,
But it’s easy to see why the workers were aggrieved.
In a spiritual sense this scenario is often repeated,
People come to Christ at different stages of their life,
Some will come as a result of their upbringing,
Others will come following unhappiness and strife.
Some will have loved and served their Lord since childhood,
For His sake throughout their lives they have striven,
Some have stood idly by, and have received the call in later years,
But if they have repented they will surely be forgiven.
It doesn’t matter how old you are,
One day you may get a call to labour in the vineyard of the Lord,
Then if you are prepared to do his bidding,
It’s certain that you will receive your just reward.
Ron Martin

Drink again – Promote Yourself


Drink, again,

It’s in my hand.

Down my throat

And into my brain.


Drink, again,

It’s easier to eat.

Down my throat

And into the sink.


Drink, again.

To block out thoughts.

Don’t look at

The world that hurts.


Drink, again,

For something to do.

Let’s kill time,

I’ll get drunk with you.


Drink, again,

To forget I’m  sad.

See this smile?

It’s all I have.


Drink, again,

I can’t help but cry.

I know now

What I held inside.


Drink, again,

It has all gone.

Down my throat

Until the next one.

Danielle Montgomery

I am 23 from the UK and still very much trying to find myself. I enjoy writing – it’s actually more of a necessity for my own sanity than something I just like. Writing is everything to me and poetry gives me that release I need. I hope you enjoy my poem, and for more, please visit The Skinny Fat Girl  (


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