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Steve the seagull – Promote Yourself

Steve the seagull ventured from his nest one summer’s morn

High up on the rooftop where with his siblings he’d been born
Thought he’d had enough of being up there in the sun
Wondered at the down below where it looked a lot more fun
Flapped his fledgling wings a bit and hopped out into space
Plummeted immediately with a lack of seagull grace
Found himself in a small garden with strange smells and grass of green
Such a totally different world from the one ’til then he’d seen
Hopped around bewildered looking for a snack
But when he couldn’t find one thought he’d best be getting back
Flapped his wings, ran a bit and jumped up pretty high
Then rapidly discovered that he couldn’t actually fly
Time passed by, the sun went down, day turned into night
But Steve wasn’t all that bothered about his unexpected plight
Water in a bowl appeared so he could quench his thirst
And he’d found a few small worms to eat, though they tasted strange at first
Thirty-six hours later though and Steve was feeling pretty glum
Mum and Dad had made it clear ‘You’re on your own now, son’
He’d watched, forlorn as they had swooped up there in the blue
So close yet now so far away from the world he thought he knew
And then to make things even worse he was grabbed, stuffed in a crate
Taken from the garden wondering what would be his fate
Steve the seagull found himself on a beach with sand and sea
With lots of other seagulls full of life and flying free
And with another run a spread of wings he found that he could too
Rise up in the air and fly with the others in the blue
Steve the seagull swooped and soared, found his voice and cried aloud
A fledgling chick no more he was a Sussex seagull proud.
By Jem Croucher
(NB – the pic is one of mine so no credits are needed)


The English language is not easy to write or speak,
In so many ways it can be quite confusing,
Very often words and phrases are misapplied,
And we sometimes find this to be quite amusing.
Words are not always pronounced as they are written,
For instance enough will never rhyme with dough,
We have to listen very carefully to the pronunciation,
Or our understanding of the language will quickly show.
Some people might catch a train from Nottingham to Leicester,
And note the names of the stations they pass through,
The English folk will know when they reach Loughborough,
Australians might think that it was Logger-be-rew.
I before E except after C is said to be the rule,
But this cannot always be applied,
For if we write about a person’s height or weight,
Our spelling will certainly be criticised.
Slang words are just another complication,
As are words which virtually sound the same,
Can it be write for me to ask a question?
Or to ask someone else to right their name.
The English language has so many variations,
It is spoken in so many ways throughout the land,
Accents, brogues and nuances all make a difference,
Its no wonder people find it hard to understand.
 Ron Martin


Invictus – which the former South African president Nelson Mandela read to fellow prisoners in Robben Island jail

The Holy Land (Palestine) – Promote Yourself


What revered, holy land you are?

They took your homes, your olive trees

Ohh! Kingdom of heaven, now cursed you are

They let you gasp the breath they lease

What revered, holy land you are?

Your burning homes, those gardens charred

Those evil men that wretched star

Your love is scarred, your innocence marred

What revered, holy land you are?

Their lies, deceit are aired as fact

Your pelting stones at armored car

Your scream in pain their terrorist act

What revered, holy land you are?

Democracy, humanity, the right to live and breathe as free

Are they not dreams you’ve pushed so far?

So why now deaf to screams you are? Why this pain you fail to see?

What revered holy land you are?

Your silence is admission of guilt

Your judgment not a day so far

Forever none has ruled so far, the strongest realm they might have built

What revered holy land you are?

You’ve seen much worse of times in past

Such devilish men, the Satan’s czar

Nor they shall live nor curse shall last

What revered holy land you are?

You sacrificed, your cherished brood

 Ohh Palestine, so brave you are

No one but you, shall last this feud

What revered holy land you are?

My name is Kashif javed my blog link is 

Reflecting Hatred – Promote Yourself


Apologize again please I need to hear the words

Though I remember them clearly in my head from the last time

Build up my trust by showing me I can trust you

I will become hopeful again, even feel amazing for a moment thinking this is it

The past is gone and you’re making the choice to take care of me

Thank you, I need you to take care of me so badly

The minute I acknowledge that, feel the depth of pain from past betrayals a signal goes off

Beckoning you to take back what you said, to break down trust again just so you can…

Apologize again please I need to hear the words

Emily Bird

Cold comfort – Promote Yourself

The general hum
The scattered crumbs
Of conversations
Half heard
The random muzak
Depending how I hear
Relevant or not
To how I feel
Bright flashes
Of little girl dresses
Amongst the grey white
And blue
Please feel free
To ask the staff
To change the air
For your comfortAre they God?

If only

cheryl bhagwandin

Verbal Tics – Promote Yourself


Bloody times off cloud number nine
Love is fine till all is in line

Shop and drain yourself again and again
Cry and blab la till you are insane

Save yourself off the time ticking
Clap your hands for that’s all is left

You are just uselessssssssss

Bloody all bloody off just the high fi time
Life is slipping oh merry o dine

Niceties and high tea a thing of the past
Now slap yourself off the oblivion part

Dance and sing for this is the last of being mean
Remember, you can never be onto anyone specific

You are just useless

Spark off the stick now lights a match
It circles now into a black o patch

Medicines stupid are all the same
When you pop them all, you crackle a game

Flame and death match into one
And you were just lost like the previous ones

I am just useless

~Alka Ranjan (India)


I am lost, I am falling, I am now living in a world with no sleep; The night has become an ocean and I am drowning in the deep


The moon has become my sun,  The stars bring light to my sky; Staring at a ceiling unable to sleep, no matter how hard I try


I am living in a silent world full of artificial light; Words fall from this pen, as pages are filled with these darks verses that I write


My eye lids are feeling heavy now, But are my eyes already closed? Or is this just a longer blink; My mattress is turning into quicksand, As I slowly begin to sink


Soft whispers start to tumble and fall down,  I wonder am I asleep or am I still awake; Maybe this is all a daydream, and I am laying here just waiting for yet another dawn to break


As I fall deeper I feel my body lifting up high, as soft voices whisper they have heard me calling; But just as the sun begins to rise I wake up screaming as I feel my body falling.



A star was born

The screams became louder and louder

And he didn’t arrive until the 25th hour

I can’t believe it I feel so proud

He looks like both of us but he’s got my mouth,

When I first found out I was in  shock

But how worth it he was, such good looks,

A good boy hardly a sound

Two days early and over 8 pounds,

Skin to skin he lay on her chest

The very 1st feed had been off the breast

By Christopher Woolvett


A New Beginning – Promote Yourself


The anticipation has come to an end,
It’s almost time to meet our new friend,
It’s 2 in the morning, the pain kicks in,
Here he comes, his life will soon begin,
I am scared stiff, what lies ahead?
Screaming out in the hospital bed,
The pain is so bad just want him here,
I have never felt so much fear,
25 hours later he’s in my arms
Hoping and praying he comes to no harm,
His big blue eyes and cute little face
Look up at me to say,
How did I get to this place?
I promise him right there and then,
I will love him forever, until the end.

Abbe Cutforth

Hands – villanelle – Promote Yourself



Holding hands with someone special
Such electricity flowing between both
Creating memories that last much longer.


We hold hands with many as we grow
There comes a time when we have more
Holding hands with someone special.


Thoughts return to bring us even closer
Remember a touch or a smell that excites
Creating memories that last much longer.


Feelings grow and we just seem to know
When fingers lace together without thought
Holding hands with someone special.


For some it is might last only a day

Occasionally we find someone special
Creating memories that last much longer.


A lifetime can seem to be summed up
Looking back at all those moments shared
Holding hands with someone special
Creating memories that last much longer.


by Gray Poet

Charles Townsend

A Maze Meant for Life – Promote Yourself

mazeA maze
for you
a lab rat
by a trickster
deliberately watching
you run
or cower
the rules
those written
those not
no reason
no logic
no gain
it’s wrong
do the rite
but no help
and no light
no bridge
and no ladder
no scaffold…
a dreary cloud over
the brain and the face
is it you
is it me
which one out of place
simply smile
I’m fine how are you
wall words
to knock down
to restore back to grace
in amazement
walls flattened
no maze meant for you
but to enjoy
build a home
watch it grow
share the shelter
not a maze meant for you
but paths of amazement
to lead me to You
cheryl bhagwandin

Photograph – Promote Yourself

Take a look at that old photograph, to remind
yourself that it’s not that bad.
At fifteen everything is the end, but if you look back now and then,
It was just a bump in the road, a hiccup, don’t you know.
Life kept moving on and so did you.
You got through your drivers test and your graduation.
You didn’t need him, congratulations.
Buying your first car, but he was so far
In your first apartment, you got the letters that he sent
There’s so much more that he missed
You think to yourself, what if it was different?
He has 6 months left, so prepare yourself
For the changes you face ahead, this is far from over yet.
After 5 years he’ll be back and act like nothing even happened
All this time that you spent playing it over and over again
 Michelle Lemae
Hello my name is Michelle. I recently published my first poetry book titled Fearless on Amazon. I am currently working on Fearless part 2, it has a whole new look and I’ve added a couple more poems to it. Here is one of the poems from Fearless part 2.

Minimal Aspirations – Promote Yourself

Why be precious and become
matter of envy and greed
Why not be obscure
and so more heed
for there is more to see
and less to show
why make wealth far beyond
could it sustain through age?
why not make smiles
which echo till memory fade
for there is less to reap
and more to grow
why be a saint
and tempt to judge sins
why not be a pupil
wisdom pass through ego thin
for there is more to know
more to flow
more to glow
yatharth ( 24 may 2014)
My name is Yatharth. I am from India, living in Singapore.
I write blogs on religion and Indian Politics but occasionally writes poems as well.
Here’s is one of my  poems 

The Tramp

Cold as ice
there he sat

Dreaming about
this and that,

Of what could
have been

If  he’d stayed
within the social scene

Each night his
shadow lies under the lamp,

He is
identified as the local tramp

The park is his

Nowhere else to

No hidden

Or anyone to
care for,

No personal
appointments to keep

No people at all 
to  meet

No-one to
explain to when he isn’t there,

No sacrifice to

The owls watch
over him at night

Under the lamp
in the moonlight,

Where empty
beer cans surround him

Next to the
rubbish in the bin

The tramp that
wants to be alone,

And to leave
his identity unknown

By Gillian Sims

In The Midst Of Battle


In the midst of battle
I heard a cry for help
Battle raging overhead
As in my trench I knelt.
Help me came the cry
I don’t want to die alone
Please can someone hear me?
Was followed by a mournful moan.

I made my way over
To whence the call was made
To find a lonely soldier
Who was lying in the shade.
As I reached that soldier.
His eyes were filled with fear
His wounds alas were fatal
He thanked me as I drew near.

He pointed to his pocket
A letter he received from home
It read if you should die in battle
Make sure that you are not alone
Read to me the wounded soldier asked
So I read his letter again
A smile came across his lips
As though he was in no pain

If you should die in battle
Make sure you’re not alone
You will be taken care of
As though you were at home.
Whoever reads this letter,
I thank you with all my heart
For I know my son was with someone
Although we are all far apart.

With dying breath he said thank you
In that shade where he lay
I closed the eyes on that soldier
As he slowly slipped away.
The irony of this story
He was a soldier from the other side
But never the less he was a brother
Who on the battlefield had died.

Malcolm Bradshaw

Twin flame, I see you burning. – Promote Yourself

twin burn

Some people,

Come into our lives forever,


just so we may catch a glimpse of our soul.

To put us on the right path,

To be a beacon of light,

On the darkest nights.

To show us our dreams,

That we do not see,

Even though they scream.

They say,

We walk the earth

With the very same souls

Each life,

each time,

repeating a pattern,

repeating a crime.

With each familiar


Our soul connects,

Sometimes with laughter,



Sometimes a knowledge of having it tough,

And in amongst the

de ja vu,

You discover the missing piece of,


The mirror reflection.

Bits gone,

without detection.

An image of,

your dreams

your heart

your soul,

Everything new,

But everything,

You already knew.

 The twin flame doesn’t bring



or saviour.

A twin flame whispers in your ear,

That they are always near,

No matter how far,

Even the furthest star.

They show you your path,.

They are love that is unseen,

they are the reason you dream.

They are not the missing piece,

of your soul,




And they always knew,

as did you.

They are the fire in your flame, 

hear them, 

as they whisper 

your name.

They are the light

that leads 


into the night.

They are not the love that fills your thoughts,

they are the breath that gets caught.

Throughout our days,

the words say,

that our souls will meet,





we will know.

Some will grow old, along by our side,

Some come along, 

for a glimpse at the ride,

some of them


away they do hide.

All of them

here for a moment,


our sides.

Karen A Hayward.

This is my blog 

Too Many Words – Promote Yourself


Words, they come like
a pump that is never shut off.
Talk, talk, talk, more talk.
Words always fail to fully
tell the truth so dependent
are they on being well chosen.
They never tell how it
really felt, the strangeness
of it all.

So many words, languages,
books, airwaves full of
never-ending words,
yet you do not
know why I weep
and I can not tell
you of my sorrow
my pain, fear,
not even my joy.

For in the end,
words are empty,
useless. I can not
speak of the past–
gone, gone. Words
fail in the now.
Please, no more words,
talk, blather…
just be quiet
and feel how I feel.
Sit with me
in silence
until the knowing
comes and words
are no longer


It is then that you
arrive at my truth.

But Where?

Mothers, sisters, grandmothers
weep for lost ones
victims of a world where greed
surpasses the values of lives

Babies born without hope
despair is their fate
as mothers, sisters, grandmothers
shake their heads in sorrow
weeping for the lost ones

But one questions remains
not even a whisper…


where are the fathers?


Single Drop



A drop of water
contains all the oceans
unlimited rain
tears that do not cease.


The sun shines on all
bringing light to the darkest soul,
stars cover the skies
regardless of who lives below.



The Divinity has no gaps
special favorites
or enemies.
It is for all
for It is all.
Patricia Cegan

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