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Cradled on the wind – Promote Yourself


Cradled on the wind

it ascends

it descends

 swirls and tumbles

Falls to the earth

and tumbles again

unable to ask why?


 a leaf

whose time has come

for autumn

is when it dies


The last to fall

all alone

it left you standing bare

a tree bereft of leaves

such a sight


beyond compare


if it could

it might have begged forgiveness

for it’s hold

it seemed reluctant to rescind


to fulfill it’s destiny

and rest it’s fate

upon the wind.

anthony gomez

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Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream

download dream
In the second year of his reign Nebuchadnezzar had a dream,
He called his magicians, astrologers, sorcerers and Chaldeans to provide an
Unfortunately for them he could not remember what the dream was all about,
So none of the wise men could provide an interpretation.
The Chaldeans told the King that no-one would be able to explain the dream
He knew then unless he could provide them with more information,
For this cause the King was very angry,
And ordered that all the wise men should be put to death7 if they did not provide an
When Daniel heard of this edict he went to see the King,
For he and the other Princes were now included amongst the wise men of the nation,
He told the King that if he was given a little time,
That he would be able to provide an interpretation.
Soon afterwards Daniel returned to the presence of the King,
To report that he had been speaking to Jehovah who was the God of the Jewish
That the details of the King’s dream had been revealed to him,
And that he was now able to reveal the dream and to provide an interpretation.
In the dream you saw a beast with a head of pure gold,
Its shoulders and arms were made of silver, his belly made of brass7
His legs were made of iron, and his feet of iron and clay,
You saw a rock thrown which struck the feet of iron and clay,
Which caused the beast to collapse into complete disarray.
The beast represents the Kingdom of which you are the head,
The head of gold shows the power of the Kingdom in the present day,
But as the value of the metals diminish down to the feet,
So the Kingdom will diminish and slowly pass away.
When this has happened the God of Heaven will set up another Kingdom,
A Kingdom which shall last for ever more,
In the dream God has revealed to you what shall come to pass,
And the dream and the interpretation are sure.
King Nebuchadnezzar fell down on his face and worshipped Daniel,
And ordered that the people should offer him an oblation,
He recognised Daniel’s God as the God of Gods and the Lord of Kings,
And Daniel was recognised as a great man throughout the nation.
Ron Martin

Tommy Turkey: Legend (From It’s Christmas! Available on Amazon.) – Promote Yourself


Farmer Jones had once had a kindly look

About his cheery self when they’d first met

But frankly, he’d blotted his copybook

When he’d mentioned their weights to the vet


This morning he’d told Tommy and his friends

That they were wonderfully plump, fat enough to go

As they had no pocket money for a day out to spend

They reasoned it was to Old Grisly Gobble & Co.


Tommy thought no chance! They’d taken a vote

Agreed to a mass exodus, they wouldn’t be Christmas dinners

Tommy had written Farmer Jones a firm farewell note

He was sure that hats would be doffed to the great turkey winners


In his turkey crown and cape Tommy had left the farm

He’d seen The Great Escape he well knew what to do

That night he started an “Eat Sprouts and do turkey’s no harm!”

Campaign with pigs in blankets on the evening news

Poor newsreaders looked utterly bemused.



The note read:

Dear Farmer Jones,

Ho ho ho and off we go! With the ‘snips and sprouts we’ll not pout

With free flowing gravy fresh from the spout

Love (Yeah right) Tommy and his turkey heroes! 

Noble Warrior

A noble warrior, winter’s icicle

Appreciates its vulnerability in strength

It meets with stoicism its preordained role

In arctic winds its life’s duration spent


A whisper of warmth, from ice to water

It weeps as it follows natures lead

From teardrops to memories and vapour

To the sun’s will it is forced to accede


Angelic prisms of light play heaven sent

Farewells but no laments for this warrior of fate

It fell as was wished, at Mother Nature’s intent

Spring delivers its war cry and winter capitulates.


Heroes, villains and everyday folk

In war and peace, the landed gentry, the poor

Stories of lives mesmerizingly told in

Textual tapestries of fortunes and fates

Opportunities missed, risks and chances taken

Royalty, republics, politics and shifted values

Yesterday’s stitches are sewn in our today, our history.

The O.C.D. Cartoon Man.

My O.C.D. voice can often be heard

Not by you, by me, word after word

It whispers and when ignored, it shouts

Its mission it seems, to plague me with doubts


And so, I make a joke of it whenever I can

I’ve made the voice in to a cartoon man

With little arms and legs and a silly face

Anything to face this foe with grace


My cartoon man works long hours, too hard

He enjoys being an over zealous bodyguard

So, a question for my persistent mate

Can I squash you, splat, with a cartoon ton weight?!


Joanne started writing professionally in March 2014.

Her books are available on Amazon, some of her children’s stories can be found on and a selection of her recent short stories are downloadable from

A number of her poems have been accepted for publication in anthologies.

Her poem, His Prey, was shortlisted in the Creative Writing Ink competition in August and September 2014 and in October 2014 her haiku was featured in Chrysanthemum in English and German.

Her blog on writing and life with O.C.D. and P.T.S.D. is updated regularly –
Thank you for your time and for supporting writers, 


Stubbing Wharfe by Ted Hughes -YOUR FAVOURITE POEM

Ted Hughes

Stubbing Wharfe is a poem

about the pub of the same name in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire
. Written by Ted Hughes in the late 50s

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Let it snow

Let the snow dance upon my face

Let the snow lay on the ground like lace

Let it snow,

Let me feel the ice beneath my toes

Let the snow dance upon my nose

Let it snow,

Let me know

When the children can take out their sleighs

When snow drifts are here to stay

Let it snow,

Let the rain go

I want icicles to appear

I want the snow to be here

Let it snow,

I need to know

The ground is white

Glistening and bright

Let it snow,

Let the earth light up tonight

with snow so bright

Let it snow,

I want to see snowflakes

From my window

Let it snow

Gillian Sims

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Strolling Through The City of Shadows. – Promote Yourself

DRAGON EGGS – Promote Yourself


Dragon eggs, though very small

Will yield a beast surprisingly tall.

All it takes is a safe wet abode

To yield a monster oh so bold.

So if you find their eggs, it would set the world a shiver

With the awesome possibility the beast may someday deliver.

But if it’s near the dawn of the day

Take your find, then straight away

Invite your friends, but tell not what you found

And create a huge omelet to go around.

Walt Trizna

An Ethical Code … for a Planet … in Auto- Promote Yourself


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